Digital Finance

This collection of work explores the ways people are using or might use digital finance in the future. It explores payments, debt, and many other issues.  This does not include material derived from the Kenya Financial Diaries.


FSD Kenya

March 20, 2017

FSD Kenya

March 3, 2017

“A Tale of Two Markets” by Julie Zollmann


September 1, 2016

Next Billion

August 22, 2016

"Making financial markets work healthily for the poor." by David Porteous & Julie Zollmann

Enterprise Development and Microfinance, Vol 27, Issue 1

April 2016

“Why M-Shwari Works” by Julie Zollmann


April 8, 2015

"Digital Retail Payments in Kenya:Making them Matter for Merchants"


October 2014

"Rwanda Financial Diaries: Understanding the Financial Lives and Product Needs of Rwanda’s Underserved Consumers"


March 2013

"Financial Management Among Brazil’s Low Income Classes: Comprehensive, Diversified, Engaged"



"Financial capability and the poor: are we missing the mark?" by Julie  Zollmann and Daryl Collins

FSD Kenya

December 2010

"Market-Led Expansion through Fee-for-Service Agents" by Julie Zollmann and Guy Vanmeenen

in Financial Promise for the Poor eds. Kim Wilson, Malcolm Harper, and Matthew Griffith.  Kumarian Press.