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PhD research @ Tufts University

This project explores the dignity implications of digitally-mediated work. What does it mean for earnings, respect, and voice?

FSD Kenya, MicroEnsure, others

Explores the intersection between affordability of care and care outcomes.


How people buy PAYGo solar

This work with CGAP explored the client side of PAYGo solar. How do families choose and finance these purchases? It also explores gender dynamics in purchase decisions and payment obligations.

Money and meaning in a digital world

This collection of work explores the ways people are using or might use digital finance in the future. It explores payments, debt, and many other issues.  This does not include material derived from the Kenya Financial Diaries.


FIND @ Tufts Univ.

How do refugees in protracted displacement rebuild their financial lives? This is part of the Financial Journeys project at Tufts University.  I support work in Mexico, Ethiopia, Uganda, the USA, and Kenya.

FSD Kenya

Deep insights from a longitudinal study of about 300 Kenyan families 2012-2015.

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Past Projects: My Work
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